Vickie’s passion and love for her dogs are evident, she inspires her dogs to greatness. Never a bad or harsh word, these dogs run because they love what they do and they trust and believe in the human guiding them. Her appeal stretches beyond sled dog sports and she has done more than any other UK musher to put sleddog sports on the map. Vickie is committed to encouraging and inspiring others and runs training camps, as well as offering training scholarships to young mushers to learn all about dog care and how to run dogs. Anybody who knows Vickie or has watched her race will have seen firsthand the outstanding dedication and energy that she puts into both her and the dogs training and preparation. There’s pro, then there’s Pullin Power Pro, every detail is checked and double-checked. Off-season hours are spent honing bike skills and pumping iron, nothing is left to chance on this journey to success. Win or lose at the end of the day, the dogs come first and as long as they are happy to give it their all – so is Vickie.

  • NAME: Vickie Pullin



  • RACE: Sprint sled dogs, pure breed Siberian Huskies and Open class hounds

  • CLASSES: Bike joring, Scooter, Rig 4 dogs and 6 dogs and Sled 2 dog, 4 dogs and mass start

  • CURRENTLY BRITISH CHAMPION IN: Elite female Bike, 2 Dog Scooter, 4 Dog Open and 6 Dog open. Have won 2 silver medals at the World Championships Ranked top 10 in the world, currently ranked Gold for world cup standings in the 4 dog.

  • MY KENNEL IS A MIX KENNEL OF: Siberian huskies, some are rescues, Alaskan huskies, Euro hounds and Greysters and one Collie who looks like a German Shepherd

  • DREAM: to become a world champion (but already feel like I have the best dogs in the world)

  • THE DAY JOBS: So currently run a small business in the Uk offering sled dog tours, overnight accommodation, school educational program, training camps for kids and adults, talks etc alongside running Canactive Hydrotherapy centre, rehabilitation for injured dogs or post op etc along with conditioning sports dogs and fitness programs whilst trying to be a semi-professional athlete representing GB in sprint sled dog racing on the dryland and snow.

Fair to say life is very much about the dogs! Please check out the websites for more info, or if you wish to follow our journey facebook is great place:
Quest Ltd:
Canactive Hydrotherpay:

Here is what Vickie has to say …..

“ I’ve been working with 8 below now for so many years and support the great work they do. It’s such a privilege and honour to become a patron for 8 below. I want to help these guys as much as I can make a difference to our wonderful 4 legged families. My dogs mean the world to me and I want to help other dogs in need of a forever home – the charity work round the clock rescuing dogs and giving them a second chance in life…. To be a very small part of this amazing team makes me extremely proud.”

Welcome to the Team Vickie Pullin ?