Relinquish your Dog

  • Giving up your Dog for Adoption

At 8 Below Husky Rescue, we know that life doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes, being a dog owner means we have to make tough decisions, and rehoming your dog can be one of the toughest!

No matter your circumstances, we will listen without judgement, and do what we can to help and make things as simple as possible.

We will spend time helping the dog settle in at  8 Below and get to know their individual quirks and do everything we can to find the best possible home that can meet their needs, all dogs will be given time to settle in to the new environment before assessments are begun, experience has been gained by the team over many years of owning huskies and northern breeds, along with working in professional capacities daily with rescue dogs from all walks of life.

All dogs rehomed by 8 Below Husky Rescue have the lifetime back up from the charity, giving any adopters peace of mind that if for any reasons they require help, the team will be on hand.

8 Below Husky Rescue require the owner to fill out an online relinquish form, this is then assessed by a member of the rehoming team and the owner will be contacted if we feel we can help or offer advice if we are at a maximum capacity with dogs in kennels.


Please help us to help these dogs. Together we can make a difference