Buy an item from the 8 Below Husky Rescue Wishlist and it will be delivered directly to the rescue dogs.

“Your support makes all the difference. Now you can buy specific items, helping the dogs directly…everything helps!”.

Pick from toys, treats, food, bedding, cleaning supplies to much needing vet care and other useful items for the rescue. It is a great way to donate and know exactly where your donation is going.

Gifts will be delivered directly to the Rescue Centre at the end of each month.

You may select more than one of each item, and the price will increase incrementally. Just click on the up-arrow next to the price on the item page. 

Meet Xena, Your Donations Helped Us Rescue Her.

Xena was found at the side of the road after being hit by a van on a dual carriageway, she wasn’t chipped and nobody came forward to claim her!

She has suffered excruciating pain and has a fractured pelvis and a fractured femur, she is also full of milk (recently had puppies)

Our supporters helped us raise funds to ensure Xena was able to get the major surgery she needed, along with all the aftercare whilst she recovered.

We are so happy to say Xena is loving life with her forever family – without our supporters help by donating to our rescue we wouldn’t be here to help dogs like Xena


Your donations help us to rescue animals from suffering and neglect, dogs left unclaimed in the pound or dogs that just are no longer convenient and need rehoming. Please help by contributing to one of our care packages


Please help us to help these dogs. Together we can make a difference