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We’re one of the UK's leading breed specialist rescues, If it wasn’t for the generosity of supporters like you, we wouldn’t exist.


For every £1 donated to us

More than 90% of our income goes directly on the dogs care with the remainder being spent on other aspects that are required to operate as a rescue. Things like promotional equipment for fundraising events, insurance, a rescue vehicle and a website.


How many other organisations can you think of where so much of your hard earned cash goes directly to the dogs and is not gobbled up in overheads and administration?

So how does your donation help?

Your donations help us to rescue animals from suffering and neglect, dogs left unclaimed in the pound or dogs that just are no longer convenient and need rehoming. 


So on average how much does each dog cost us?



Allows us to flea treat and worm a dog.


Allows us to restart a dogs vaccinations.


Allows us to provide a kennel for 1 week.


Allows us to neuter a dog.

When you consider a dog may require all of the above. It is clear to see that without us applying for grants, organising fundraising events both physical and online and relying on a YOUR support. We would not be able to operate and provide the service we do.

How you can help...

 Donate via Bank Transfer or Direct Debit to our bank account

Account Name - 8 Below Husky Rescue, Sort Code 40-52-40 Account Number 00028283 Bank Name CAF Bank


Via PayPal to

For Cheques - please make these payable to 8 Below Husky Rescue and post to our Trustee at

Nicola Atkinson 12  Cross Street, Stone St15 8DH

Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate - complete the declaration form here