Success Story

On the 27th February this little lady arrived in our care , she had no name , she was emaciated, scared and shut down to the point I had to carry her , she refused to even stand. 💔

I made a call to our amazing fosterers Richard & Julie Eastwood and asked for help , the stepped in immediately and came to pick her up.

They named her Pheonix 🧡

They have put there heart and soul into helping Pheonix and as you can see from the before and after pictures I think you will agree they have some amazing with her. Pheonix is still nervous but a million time’s better than when she arrived.

She has been socialising and living in a pack that have helped her come on so much.

Today Pheonix is heading to her forever home to start her next chapter of life 🧡

We really couldn’t save the dogs we do without the support of our amazing fosterers and supporters.

A very special Thank you to the Eastwoods , we are incredibly grateful for all you have done for not just Pheonix but 8 Below as a rescue , we are proud to have you part of the team 🧡

Pheonix you have certainly risen from the ashes now you go and have a lovely life , you deserve it darling😘

Congratulations Dan and family on your new addition , wishing you all the very best and thank you for adopting a rescue dog in need of a loving forever home 🏠

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