Kido and Cash

I have adopted 1 husky and currently have another 1 on foster which I will be adopting soon.

I wanted to extend my husky family and to get a play mate for my other husky puppy. We had moved to Manchester and joined a group called Tameside huskies who have a lot to do with 8 below and recommended them to use. We then looked on there web page and filled out the contact form for a home check to be done. We had chosen a beautiful female husky which we went and picked up from the kennels, she is so good and loving that when we decided we wanted another

we contacted them and chose a male who is a big daft young loving boy. All along the process 8 below have been great and very helpful. They do such a fantastic job that do a lot to help these poor dogs.

Making ourselves comfortable

I know when I want to extend my husky family I will be going back to them and would also say anyone looking for a husky rescue then you have come to the right place.

Typical husky play all teeth and smiles
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