The steps involved for a dog in our care

relinquish form is completed by the current owner and all details are sent to the rescue or one of the pounds we work with notify us of a dog requiring rescue space. A member of the admin team will then look at all the details form and will aim to make contact, for private rehomes the owner will then be advised on our rough waiting list lengths and times, for pounds we where dogs are at risk we will make a decision on how quickly we can sort a kennel space.


Home Assessment

If this is mutually accepted we will then proceed to and arrange for somebody to visit the home and assess the dog. They will observe the dogs behaviour towards other dogs and other things like general behaviour around food, toys etc.


Assessment Report

A report will then be sent back to the admin team and along with our pictures we will create a card and promote the dog for a foster home. Some dogs will move up the list quicker than others depending on their suitability and issues.

In extreme circumstances the decision may be made to bring the dog into kennels where issues can be worked with in conjunction with a behaviourist. The rescue incurs a cost for this, so we have a set number of dogs we are willing to have in kennels at any one time.


Once a dog has been committed too and assessed we will start to promote the dog publicly and actively search for a foster or adoption home, at this point we invite applicants to fill our the enquiry form.

Home Visit

Once all your details have been received a member of the team will contact you, in the meantime they will be arranging for a volunteer to come out to your home and complete one of our homecheck forms. If you would like to see one of these forms before hand in order to see what is involved the form can be viewed here. This is a set of questions to determine if you are a suitable home for one of our dogs and to take compiles of identification etc. They will then send the information back to us and you will be informed if the visit has been deemed a pass, fail or requires some support (it could be some suggestions on how to make your garden more secure etc). Please note these visits are done by volunteers and sometimes take a while to organise depending on your location and volunteer availability.

Dog Selection

Once your visit has been deemed a pass one of the team will contact you to discuss suitable dogs and then arrange a meet and greet.


Upon finding a suitable foster, we will arrange transport and the the exchange of contracts and at a mutually convenient time the dog will head off to its new loving home.

All our fosters are given first refusal of adoption, whilst in foster each dog will be advertised and we will continue to look for a permanent home.


Dogs that we deem to be very easy or have no real issues other than settling into a new home will be available for straight adoption, some dogs may be sent given a trial period prior to being adopted but this is dependent upon the individual dog and circumstances.

For dogs under 12 months; an adoption donation of £250 applies, Dogs between 1-8 years old;  adoption donation of £225 applies and Dogs aged 8 and over; a adoption donation of £200 applies.

We do not provide the previous owners with the foster or adoptive  homes contact details and we advise that fosters do not remain in contact and any updates be done through ourselves.