The brand new Arctic Wolf X-Back Harness is used for the dog sports of canicross, bikejoring, dog scootering and dry-land mushing

This traditional harness design has been updated through the use of more technical materials, to increase comfort and durability.

Features include:

Ergonomic X-Back design tried and tested in some of the world’s biggest sled dog events

Super comfortable hydrophobic padding, which prevents water absorption

Increased padding across the chest for improved power and comfort

Circular bar-tack stitching across key areas, designed to better distribute forces

Manufactured to the highest quality standards in Great Britain

Available in 10 sizes for an accurate fit, with coloured tabs for fast identification

Size Guide* (Tab Colour):

Size 1 (White) – 10-15kg

Size 2 (Yellow) – 15-18kg

Size 3 (Red) – 18-21kg

Size 4 (Blue) – 20-23kg

Size 5 (Grey) – 23-26kg

Size 6 (Black) – 26-30kg

Size 7 (Orange) – 29-33kg

Size 8 (Brown) – 32-36kg

Size 9 (Green ) – 36-40kg

Size 10 (Purple) – 40-46kg

* Please note that all sizing based on the dogs weight is an approximate guide and is dependent on the individual build of each dog.