Nutrazinc is a proven nutritional supplement for dogs.

NUTRAZINC is the most economical source of dietary zinc available on the market! This product is being used by most top sprint and distance mushers!

• Nutrazinc is a proven nutritional supplement for working dogs (sled dogs, hunting dogs, and herding dogs). It helps to promote tougher feet and healthier coats. Its use reduces the occurrence of splits and cracks in dog’s feet, as well as toenail breakage
• Nutrazinc also helps to toughen dog’s pads and speeds up the healing process when an occasional foot problem does occur
• Nutrazinc can be used as a supplement for show dogs, as it will keep their coats in top condition
• Nutrazinc is extremely important for the proper function of a dog’s immune system. It should be used as a treatment for almost any kind of skin disease. Its use speeds up post-surgery hair growth
• Nutrazinc should also be fed as a dietary supplement to prevent zinc deficiency (also called Zinc Responsive Dermatosis), a common condition in northern breeds.

Available in 16oz pot