The Dragrattan brand of X-back Harness, made in Sweden, is one of the best available on the market. With the traditional diamond shaped neck opening, this strong, padded harness, has reflective tape through the webbing which makes the length of the harness visible when illuminated.

We recommend this type of harness for strong dogs, pulling with a low point of attachment, for example dogs pullings, rigs, sleds and if the line angle is not steep, canicross, bikejor and dog scootering


All sizes feature the Red webbing, Colour of inset webbing is dependent on size as follows:


Size Colour Approx. Dogs Weight (in kgs)
0 White 10kg – 14kg
1 Yellow 15kg – 17kg
2 Red 18kg – 21kg
3 Blue 20kg – 23kg
4 Grey 23kg – 27kg
5 Black 26kg – 30kg
6 Gold 29kg – 33kg
7 Brown 32kg – 36kg
8 Green 36kg – 40kg
9 Purple 40kg – 44kg