• AGE: 16 weeks

  • BREED: Husky x Pomeranian

  • SEX: Male

  • IDEAL HOME: Patient

  • LIVING WITH CHILDREN: Under Assessment


  • LOCATION: West Yorkshire

Billy is approximately 16 weeks old and is a Husky/Pomeranian cross.


Billy arrived into our care with 3 of his siblings, Upon arriving in our care, it was immediately clear that Billy had a head tilt, trouble with his coordination and was displaying frustrated behaviour; probably as a result of the world not moving the way it should from his perspective.


Billy has seen the vet today and while we were hoping for something we may be able to treat such as an inner ear infection, it appears that his head tilt and behaviour are a neurological/brain disorder. It could possibly be as a result of being starved of oxygen during birth or possibly a result of brain trauma.


Sadly the head tilt (and quirky behaviour) is something that is unlikely to resolve itself.
Billy will be looking for an incredibly special and loving home that will see beyond his unusual movements and take on the challenge of guiding and helping him reach his full potential, he is sweet, loving, playful, extremely cheeky and adores other dogs.


Billy would benefit from a family who will attend puppy training / socialisation classes

All 8 Below dogs are neutered (if of an appropriate age) microchipped, up to date with parasite treatment, have lifetime support and backup and 5 weeks free insurance plus a lovely 8B collar and lead.