Jade Brightmore - Trustee

My name is Jade Hayley Brightmore and I am owned by my 4 year old Siberian husky Rio and my 7 month old Malamute Nero.  I have always had a passion for all dogs and have helped with many all breed rescues. My main passion is the sled dogs.

Growing up I always wished I could one day own a beautiful husky, but I knew I had to wait until the time was right, one day I was told about a Siberian husky who needed an urgent home and was in a poor condition , my heart sank. Off I went to see if I could help and seeing him the way he was I bundled him in my car and took him home , he had serious separation anxiety, emaciated and he was very nervous especially around men.

We bonded instantly and I will not say it was easy, it was hard work and my heart broke seeing this dog so scared, 3 years on and you would never think this boy was scared of anything, he’s fit he’s healthy and he’s full of love. He’s my best friend and totally adored by my 3 year old little girl Brooke who he is amazing with.

I have 8 Below to thank for all the support, I had done my research but this boys issues left me out of my depth and the vets were no help . I was on Facebook one day and someone told me of the 8 Below group , I joined and posted up for advice. Tim Wicks then gave me lots of advice and my boy came on lots. I have had many rescue dogs in my home on foster and there is nothing more rewarding then seeing them live happy in there forever homes.

Nero came to me just a few months ago at 5 months old , he had an extensive bite history and serious guarding issues and food aggression. He’s had 4 homes in his short life and been managed the wrong way, he has been left in the mind set that using teeth are his only option sadly.  It’s early days but we are working hard to over come these issues , he’s part of my family and loved very much
I have had brief experiences of running the huskies on a scooter and In the future this is something I wish to get more involved with I work along side a great team at 8 below husky rescue , my input in the rescue is the re-homing side and working hands on with the dogs we have in kennels , I have met lots of new friends in the husky world and I hope we continue for a very long time in helping a breed we are passionate about.